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Quick, Easy Access to Contact Info You Can Trust.

An employee directory for the modern age.

EasyGrouper is your organization’s work-only company directory and contact list solution. Update it once and contact changes are pushed to everyone’s mobile device automatically. Whether updated by each user or through a central administrator, each user can rest assured that the contact list information is up-to-date and accurate.... EasyGrouper contact lists are secure and kept separate from your personal contact list so there is no need to carry a work-only phone in addition to your personal phone. And, if someone leaves the organization, you can simply remove them from the account and the contact list is pulled from their phone. Great for people on the move, great for communicating to members of work teams or groups, and great for critical inter-company communication that needs to be accurate and reliable. Discover what EasyGrouper can do for your organization. EasyGrouper serves multiple industries including construction, healthcare, human resources, hospitality, education, retail, food industry, information technology, and many more industries. It can also help organizations with crisis communications.

EasyGrouper® Connect Feature List


We give you a separate application that holds your organization's company directory. Update it once and those changes are pushed to everyone automatically. Calling, texting and emailing the people you work with is just a tap away with EasyGrouper.



No Selling Your Data. No Tracking. No Ads.

We’re committed to being the most confidential business communication app on the market. We don’t see credit cards. We don’t see messages. We don’t see groups. All we do is provide the best communications aid for your organization.

Ever need to get in touch with your team right now? Update the whole team in a matter of seconds! You can easily tell your team how to reach you, or that you are not available. Getting the information to your organization is easy with a quick status update right from your phone.



EasyGrouper makes it easy for your employees to put the face to the name! When a new employee starts, you can push their contact information straight to everyone's phone. If an employee leaves the organization, you can remove them from the account and they will no longer have access to everyone's information.

If you're a Google Apps™ for Work user you can connect up your EasyGrouper account to it. No need to add, edit or delete users, that all happens automatically.



Need to email a message to everyone in your group? You can handle that right from your phone or the web site with our Email Group functionality. You can even create private groups that only the members of can see.

EasyGrouper can help you get the right information to the right people. Both the Group page and the Location page have an information text area. Use this information page for nearly anything you want, from directions, to pictures, to links, and much more!



Have multiple locations? Let EasyGrouper keep track of your location specific details. Tap on the address of a location and it will load your phone’s native mapping application, making it easy for your employees to get between your offices.


EasyGrouper Alerts let you quickly text or email a group, office location or even your entire account right away. An important customer has an issue, a natural disaster strikes, a critical system goes down; with EasyGrouper Alerts you can reach out to your team immediately and team members can respond back to the alert either accepting or rejecting the alert or responding that they are safe!