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Share Contact Lists With Your Team

We give you a separate application that holds your organization's company directory. Update it once and those changes are pushed to everyone automatically. Calling, texting and emailing the people you work with is just a tap away with EasyGrouper.



Critical Information

EasyGrouper can help you get the right information to the right people. Both the Group page and the Location page have an information text area. Use this information page for nearly anything you want, from construction safety tips, timekeeping and payroll, and much more!

Status Updates

Ever need to get in touch with your team right now? Update the whole team in a matter of seconds! You can easily tell your team how to reach you, or let them know which construction site you are on. Getting the information to your organization is easy with a quick status update right from your phone.



Alert the Entire Enterprise

EasyGrouper Alerts let you quickly text or email a group, office location or even your entire account right away. A construction site is having an issue, a natural disaster strikes, a critical system goes down; with EasyGrouper Alerts you can reach out to your team immediately and team members can respond back to the alert either accepting or rejecting the alert or responding that they are safe!

Your Groups, Your Way

It's easy to divide up individuals into groups or split up different trades. Whether you want a separate group for electricians, painters, managers, etc. You can reach out to everyone in a group right from your phone or the web site with our Email Group functionality. You can even create private groups that only the members of can see.



No Selling Your Data. No Tracking. No Ads.

We’re committed to being the most confidential business communication app on the market. We don’t see credit cards. We don’t see messages. We don’t see groups. All we do is provide the best communications aid for your organization. Owned and Operated in the USA.

Add Tasks

Need to let team members in the field know what billable tasks they need to complete? Simply add a task into to Admin Portal and it will be immediately pushed to employee's phones. You can add a task for all or an optional task. It will also alert team members of tasks to be completed.

Mark Task Complete

Team members in the field are easily able to mark a task as complete once they finish it.

Alert Billing

As soon as an employee marks a task as complete, it will immediately alert the billing department. This avoids the conflict of completed billable tasks sitting stagnant.