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The easy way to automate tasks.

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The Easy Way to Automate Tasks.

Enter Contracts

Capability to enter contract details such as: name, location, units, project manager, and start and end dates

Add Projects and Units.

By adding projects and units, you give employee's the ability to see which projects they are assigned to!

Add Tasks

Need to let team members in the field know what billable tasks they need to complete? Simply add a task into to Admin Portal and it will be immediately pushed to employee's phones. You can add a task for all or an optional task. It will also alert team members of tasks to be completed.

Mark Task Complete

Team members in the field are easily able to mark a task as complete once they finish it.

Alert Billing

As soon as an employee marks a task as complete, it will immediately alert the billing department. This avoids the conflict of completed billable tasks sitting stagnant.

Assign Contract Manager

By assigning a contract manager, you have the ability to update and maintain all contracts and projects that your team members are on.