Contact Sharing with the EasyGrouper app

Share Contact Lists With Your Team

While phones have gotten a lot smarter, why is it that contact lists are so dumb? Why do you have people in there multiple times, with different phone numbers and email addresses? Let EasyGrouper solve that!

We give you a separate application that holds your organization's company directory. Update it once and those changes are pushed to everyone automatically. No more scrolling through friends and family to find the people you work with.

Calling, texting and emailing the people you work with is just a tap away with EasyGrouper.

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Find the Right Person

Your company has people with a wide range of skill sets. With EasyGrouper Biographies a user can identify languages they speak, certifications they have, technical skills they can leverage or just hobbies and special interests. Let EasyGrouper make it simple to help your employees find that fluent Spanish speaker (or SQL expert) quickly and easily.

Biographies give you a powerful and flexible way to find people in your organization quickly.

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Deskbound? We've Got You Covered

If you're regularly at your desk or don’t have a smartphone handy you can also access the EasyGrouper web application - it has all the same information at your fingertips. Log in to see your company directory and availability, organizational information, locations, and groups right on your desktop. You don’t have to choose, EasyGrouper can accommodate smartphones and desktops alike.

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Google Apps™ for Work Integration

If you're a Google Apps for Work user you can connect up your EasyGrouper account to it. No need to add, edit or delete users, that all happens automatically. We even fill the gap left by Google Apps, letting employees put in their own contact information and have it automatically push to everyone's mobile device. No need for everyone to maintain their own contact list of their fellow employees! Log in directly through your Google Apps for Business account.

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Google Apps Integration for seamless shared contact lists

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Your Groups, Your Way

Every organization divides their work a bit differently. EasyGrouper Pro can accommodate how you do business. A person’s role in the group is next to their name, so you know who to contact about an issue. Need to email a message to everyone in your group? You can handle that right from your phone or the web site with our Email Group functionality. You can even create private groups that only the members of can see.

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Location, Location, Location

Have multiple locations? Let EasyGrouper Pro keep track of your location specific details. From directions to each office to the coordinator of that location, EasyGrouper Pro ensures every one of your employees has what they need. Tap on the address of a location and it will load your phone’s native mapping application, making it easy for your employees to get between your offices.

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Pocket Full of Info

Have critical information to get to your folks? EasyGrouper Pro can help you get the right information to the right people. Both the Group page and the Location page have an information text area. Use this information page for nearly anything you want, from directions, to pictures, to links, you can disseminate almost any kind of information seamlessly and right to everyone’s phone. The information pages also take full advantage of your mobile device - tapping a phone number dials it, an email address loads up your email application, a hyperlink loads your web browser, etc.

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Has anybody seen...

Need to meet with a co-worker and she isn’t in her office? Just check your phone to find out her status. This feature is perfect for when a person is working from home, on vacation, or in a meeting. You can easily tell your team how to reach you, or that you are not available. Getting the information to your organization is easy with a quick status update right from your phone.

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Attention All Hands!

Ever need to get in touch with your team right now? EasyGrouper Alerts let you quickly text or email a group, office location or even your entire account right from your mobile device or desktop. An important customer has an issue, a natural disaster strikes, a critical system goes down; with EasyGrouper Alerts you can reach out to your team immediately.

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