How Better Communication Makes Projects Happen Faster

As telephones and computers become more accessible, project timelines should be easier to understand than ever. Yet coworkers still have trouble communicating enough to execute a project on time, no matter how many tools are provided to them. When a task takes longer than expected or an emergency pulls someone from work, more than one person’s timeline has to be changed. However, with the right amount of planning and discussion, a project’s deadline can be reached with some flexibility and communication. To make projects happen faster, try to make any delays or accomplishments clear to all coworkers involved in a project, discuss what is needed to move on and show appreciation for work accomplished.

Make Current Status Clear

By providing updates to coworkers on the same project, other colleagues can adjust their schedules to push up a key task. If there are any delays, coworkers can find other assignments to accomplish while they’re waiting. Further, employees will learn which tasks are necessary for others to do their work and tackle those first.

Try to keep these updates limited to avoid clutter. Once a group chat is filled with unnecessary interruptions, the notifications may be ignored interminably.

Focus on Big Picture of Project

Staying isolated from project coworkers can be disastrous to providing a timely solution to customers. This is because the end goal of what the users want should drive every aspect of the project, including the conversations around it.

If a design needs to be shown to a seamstress for a new dress, updates on the choice should be sent to her quickly so she can plan around putting together the final project as fast as possible. Any delay in the design would completely alter the seamstress’ schedule. Also, without any knowledge on when she can expect the design, she can’t manage her time as efficiently as a tight deadline requires.

Show Appreciation

A simple expression of thanks for an update and especially for tackling a tough task can help a coworker feel more accomplished and secure in their profession. When an employee feels satisfied with their work, they’ll likely be more content with their career situation and act with confidence. All it takes is some attention and recognition for hours of work.

By communicating a little more, tasks can be accomplished easier and faster, all while boosting coworkers’ morale.