Staying Connected While Telecommuting

Let’s face it, it can be stressful managing work, a family, and a social life, especially when you have to throw in a long commute. And though it may seem contrary, working remotely can be extremely helpful in increasing efficiency at work. As technology advances rapidly, telecommuting is now easier than ever to implement for your employees.

Why telecommute?

Telecommuting is so advantageous to employees because of its flexibility. It allows employees to have an easier work-life balance, resulting in a happier employee. Telecommuting can also be beneficial to employers because it can let you keep your best and brightest employees with the company even when life happens. Whether it’s a major move, a minor cold, or whatever it may be, telecommuting keeps your employees around and your turnover down.


While of course there are many benefits to allowing employees to work remotely, there then comes some shortcomings. One of the biggest drawbacks is a lack of communication with coworkers. Being in the office makes it much easier to walk by a coworker’s desk and simply greet them with a “hello” or “good morning,”, or ask how their weekend was. When working from home, it’s easy to jump into work and get consumed with everything there is to do, but it’s important to take the time out of your day to keep in touch with your coworkers. Whether it’s sending them an IM or email, or even giving them a call, your coworkers will appreciate the extra effort you put in to maintaining a relationship with them, even when not around.

It can be frustrating for telecommuters to be working with coworkers and not know what they’re up to. EasyGrouper is a huge help for telecommuters to not only keep in touch with coworkers, but also check on their statuses to see what they’re doing. EasyGrouper is a great business communication app that helps you stay connected with everything going on in the office, as if you were there every day!

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