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Pro Features
  • For only $50 / month create and share a list with hundreds of people
  • Set your status so people know why they can't reach you
  • Create groups (public and private) and add office locations
  • Push important information pages right down to everyone's pockets

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Your phone is smart. Why isn’t your contact list?

EasyGrouper is the intelligent way to provide workplace mobile messaging.

Let’s face it, the contact list in your phone is broken. Duplicate entries, missing information, partial names—it's a mess.

You can simplify the process of getting your team set up in a workplace mobile messaging environment using EasyGrouper. Anyone can maintain their own information and updates are seamless and pushed to everyone. No duplication and you can find someone by a name or a face. Collect and keep all your enterprise information in one place so when you need it, you can get in touch fast. We don’t change the way you connect, we just make it a whole lot easier!

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