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Screenshots of Company Directory app EasyGrouper


  • Synchronizes work contacts immediately
  • Updates statuses for remote and dispersed teams
  • Works seamlessly on any device
  • Integrates with G Suite


  • Groups project employees, privately and publicly
  • Alerts all or a few coworkers with push notifications
  • Finds office locations and information
  • Displays employees’ pictures, skills and projects


  • Separates work contacts from private ones
  • Shows no ads
  • Does not sell your data
  • Will not track your information

Your employees are your most valuable resource and they carry smartphones with them wherever they go. Now, you can connect them and help them take advantage of the latest mobile technology. Provide them with a tool that can help them work smarter, more efficiently and with a lot less hassle.

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Status Updates

Whether working from home, travelling to a meeting or on vacation, changing status can take just a few taps and make clear to everyone in the company that you're busy.

Make Your Status "Connected"



Let a group, location, or whole company know of a major change to the day's business through a single screen.

Alert Your Whole Company, NOW!

All Devices

All Devices Connected

Use any phone, laptop, or tablet to stay in touch with the day's most important information

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Bring together all coworkers on a project in one screen, and send notifications on new deadlines, accomplishments and tasks.

Find The Coworker You Need


Office Locations

Post the address, manager, local restaurants, and entry procedure for each location. One more click goes straight to your phone's maps application.

Find Satellite Offices In A Tap


All Devices


We’re committed to being the most confidential business communication app on the market. We don’t see credit cards. We don’t see messages. We don’t see groups. All we do is provide the best messaging tool to speak with your coworkers when and how they can respond.

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